Frequently Asked Questions:

 What should I do in an event of a traffic accident?
Without moving your vehicle, please call 0533 851 8746 immediately.

I have small damage on my car from multiple occasions. Can I claim for these?
You need to report them within 5 working days. Otherwise, it will not be covered.

In an event of an accident, does my comprehensive policy cover the other vehicle?
No, your third party policy covers any other third party liability. Your comprehensive policy covers your vehicle.

Do I need to provide all the receipts for my contents when making a claim on my house insurance?
No. When your policy is being produced, the insurer will want as much information as possible on your contents. Although, they may need receipts for your electronical devices.

Why are you asking me for my passport details to get a quote?
In order for your insurer to provide a quote, your passport details are required. Without entering these details ( Name – Surname  –  Passport Number  –  Date of Birth) into the Insurance Information System, the insurer is unable to provide a quote and also to produce the policy.

If I change my insurance company, do I still receive my no claims discount?
Yes. If you have not had any traffic accidents or claims, the system will give the discount automatically.
In which events will my claim be rejected?
Once your documents are received by the insurance company, your claim will be reviewed and finalized. If the claim is within the scope of the General Conditions, it will be approved by the insurance company. If your claim is not under the scope of general conditions, then it will be rejected by the insurance company.
What are my responsibilities as of the insured?
You need to give honest information to the insurer to prevent any problems in the future.